Saturday, 11 May 2019

Basic Electronics Engineering (EC101)

Elective - III

Elective – II

Elective – I

Industrial Engineering (ME801)

Engineering Economy & Financial Management (HU702)

Ethics in Engineering Profession(HU701)

Operations Research and Industrial Management (ME703)

Advances in Materials Processing(ME702)

Advanced Manufacturing Technology (ME701)

Dynamics of Machines (ME605)

Design of Mechanical Systems(ME604)

Energy Conversion and Management (ME603)

Mechatronics and Modern Control (ME602)

Automation, CNC Machines and Robotics (ME601)

Environmental Management (ME505)

Technology of Machining(ME504)

Design of Machine Elements (ME503)

Heat Transfer (ME502)

I.C. Engine and Steam Turbine(ME501)

Manufacturing Technology (ME406)

Materials Science and Technology(ME405)

Materials Science and Technology(ME405)

Analysis and Synthesis of Linkages and Machines (ME404)

Measurements and Instrumentation (ME403)

Engineering Thermodynamics (ME402)

Fluid Machinery(ME401)

Electrical Machines (EE(ME)306)

Electrical Machines (EE(ME)306)

Computer Graphics & Solid Modelling (ME305)

Mechanics of Deformable Bodies(ME304)



Fluid Mechanics (ME301)

Engineering Chemistry(CH201)

Basic Electrical Engg. (EE201)

Mechanical Sciences (ME201)


Engineering Physics (PH201)

Basic Electronics Engineering (EC101)

Basic Electronics Engineering (EC101)