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Group B
(Short answer type question)
2) Write an algorithm for n Queens Problem. find its time complexity and explain the algorithm using an example.
3) Explain the max floor and min cut theorem with an example.
4) Suppose we have a recurrence relation
T(n)=aT(n/b)+f(n)  so that the following
a) If af(n/b)=kf(n)  for some constant k k<1, then T(n)=O(f( n))
b) If af(n/b)=kf(n)  for some constant k k>1, then T(n)=O(n^logb(n) )
c) If af(n/b)=kf(n)  for some constant k k=1, then T(n)=O(f(n)logb(n) )

5) Write down the difference between Linear search and binary search.

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Basic Electronics Engineering (EC101)

Basic Electronics Engineering (EC101)