Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Software engineering

Software engineering:- It is the application of science and mathematics by which the computer equipment's are made useful to man by a computer programs.

Programs: Program is a set of instruction and it has two part
1) source code( input)
2) object code( output)
Software:  It is a collection of computer programs, producer, rules or protocol, documentation and data. A software is also called as a project that can also solve real life problems. Used large by people rather than the developers of the software. People just maybe from different backgrounds so a proper user instruction is required. It itself a product that is delivered to the customer.

Character of a software
1) Quality
2) time and duration
3) cost of software
Different types of software: System and application :
1) Loader
2) OS
3) Linker
4) Compiler
5) Interpreter
6) Assembler
Objective of software engineering:To develop a high quality software with minimised resource and in small time.
Overall cost of a software is directly proportional to the resource time and tide
Different types of Software project according to their size.
1) small(0-2)KLOC.
2)Intermediate(2-8) KLOC.
3)Medium(8-32) KLOC.
4) Large( 32-128) KLOC.

5)very large(128) KLOC.

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