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Fundamentals of Computer

Write down the generation wise development of the computer hardware (WBUT 2007)

The generation wise development of computer hardware is divided into 5 parts. They are called first generation of a computer second generation of computer and third generation of computer first generation of computer and fifth generation of computer.

First generation of computerImage result for 1st generation computer

Duration: 1942-1955

Memory device: Vacuum tubes

In the first generation vacuum  tubes used as a electronic circuit
In the first generation Magnetic drum  drums used as a primary storage.
In the first generation Punch card is used as a secondary storage.
In the first generation Machine Level programming is used.
In the first generation Operating speed in millisecond.

Second generation of computer

Image result for transistor of 2nd generation computer

Duration:1955 -1964

Memory devic: Transistor

In second generation internal storage magnet core memory is used.
In second generation as secondary storage magnet tapes are used.
In second generation machine and give output little bit faster than first generation.
In second generation As programming language high level programming used in 2nd generation.
In the second generation the speed is measured in millisecond.

Examples- IMB1401,ICL2950/10

3rd Generation of computer

Duration:1964 -1975

Memory devic:IC( integrated circuits)

3rd Generation of computer the semiconductor is used as a primary storage.
in 3rd Generation of a computer the magnetic disk is used as a secondary storage.
in third generation of a computer  massive use of high level language.
the speed of third generation of a computer is faster than first generation and second generation. It is increased to nanosecond from milliseconds.


4th generation of computers

Duration:1975 -1990

Memory devic:VLSI

In the fourth generation of a computer advancement in software and high level languages.
In the fourth generation of a computer  4 GL is used.
Operational speed is increased to picosecond and mips.

Example-IBM4341,DEC10, APPLE II

5th generation of computer


Memory devic:Bio-Chips

Speed of 5th generation computer is very high.
Artificial intelligence will make computer Intelligence and knowledge based.

Example:- IBM PC,APPLE


Basic Electronics Engineering (EC101)

Basic Electronics Engineering (EC101)