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Difference between Primary memory and Secondary memory


Primary memory vs Secondary memory

Green Ram Card Collection
  • Primary memory has two part Random Access Memory(RAM) and read only memory(ROM).
  • Secondary memory accessible in the form of mass storage device such as hard disk memory cheap pen drives
  • primary memory is much faster than secondary memory
  • secondary memory is slower than primary memory
  • Primary memory is directly accessible by Processor or CPU.
  • Secondary memory is not directly accessible by Processor or CPU
  • Another Name of Primary memory is Main memory
  • Another Name of Secondary memory is Auxiliary memory.
  • Primary memory is generally volatile.
  • Secondary memory is generally non-volatile.
  • The computer has a small Primary memory or Main memory
  • The computer has a larger Secondary memory
  • Primary memory has greater cost than Secondary memory
  • Secondary memory cheaper than Primary memory

2S complement

The problem of multiple representation of zero and the need for the and around carrier circumvented by a system call 2S complement.
2S complement of any number= negative of that number(-ve)

Basic operating system
Basic operating system is computer system include a basic set of program called operating system. the operating system must fulfill to objective.

  • interact with the hardware component
  • servicing all low level Programmable element
Flow chart
Flow chart is a graphical representation of decision and their respective result map doubt in individual shape that we are first developed by Herman Goldstein and John Von Neumann in 1940. flowchart provide a step-by-step diagram for mapping out Complex situation such as programming code.

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Basic Electronics Engineering (EC101)