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Effects of Technological Growth

Question.1:-Give an account of the idea reading Technology Assessment Impact Analysis.
Briefly explain the concept of Technology Assessment Impact Analysis

The impact of technology and its assessment has been made by various authorities at different time and the impact has been classified into four major heads:

  1.  social and education implications
  2.  economic and high  style implications
  3.  plant level changes
  4.  impact on R & D  and further invention of new technology in various branches and sub branches.

  • Social and Technical Education: each and every step of development of a technology  has been a social implication which is also reflected in the syllabus of Technical education. if we take an example of TV, computer cum mobile phone, these Technology have completely changed the society and lifestyle of new and young generation. this impact is good for education, social upliftment, social change, and also study of Computer technologys who are making a living from these Technologies.

  • Economic and lifestyle implications: The Technologies like Pharmaceutical, chemical, electrical, mechanical, entertainment, media role, sports and games Have all resulted in beginning more money to the house of those who are directly or indirectly involved in it, a lot of money has been found in the market of sports and game, automobiles, entertainment gadgets, journals, magazines, literature,  Pamphlets, books, CDS etc which have changed the economic and lifestyle of rich, upper middle class, lower middle class families of India and the world.
  • Plant level changes:  technological changes have tremendous implications and impact in the plant level also. giant mechanical organisations like Jessop,HEC,BHEL,BEL, railway workshop at Kanchrapara and other places boat in major plant level changes a country ago. this created a large number of post, positions and jobs, new mechanic and assembly line, new technologies, training and operation  manual and huge production of heavy machineries etc. all these are not changing with the Incorporation of computer, CAD, CAM, electronics, instrumentation and innumerable changes in the plant label, changing the plant layout assembly line, monitoring and control system, the instrumentation, the noise level, the very look of manufacturing plants, everything has changed.

  • impact on R & D  and further invention of new technology in various branches and sub branchesActivities grow on Idea, Technologies, instrument, techniques of operation, new raw materials, Material science and behaviour. demo the introduction of new technology and newer fields. Government of India have is Rooted over 40 National laboratory at different centre of India like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai,  Chennai, Jamshedpur, Lucknow, Roorkee, Nagpur, Pune, Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad and Thriuvanantapuram to carry out research and development work on metals, minerals, leather, glass and ceramics,durgs, electronics, chemical, environment, building, etc. it is therefore necessary to make analysis of impact of technology on any society before during and after the introduction of various Technologies.

            human operation in engineering projects:

             human beings are the resources of special and unique nature by having capability like.
  1.         To co-ordinate
  2.         To  integrate
  3.         To judge
  4.         To imagine
  5.         To  stop and start at will
  6.         To mentor and control
  7.         To think
  8.         To exercise  violation, option, alternate,  skip, release etc.

Basic Electronics Engineering (EC101)

Basic Electronics Engineering (EC101)